Sunday, 25 September 2016

Stormcast Eternals

These are such a bold an exciting turn by Games Workshop, and are in fact so Games Workshop in countless ways.

It took a couple of months for the design to grown on me,. Now over a year down the line I can safely say they are proving to be as iconic as the 40k Space Marines... which I'm sure was the intent.

The dynamic is quite interesting, a remade warrior encased in magical armour, with lighting flowing through their veins: superhuman's created to fight Chaos! Oh and they travel by lightning bolts.  And when they perish, they are remade again and sent back into battle... losing a little of their memory and personality as a trade off.

These are a good attempt at modern myth making. Here's my first attempt at painting them. As ever, I intend to go back and add more depth to them, more grim and battle damage. Especially on the blue!

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