Monday, 12 September 2016

Skaven Fangrat Outriders

The Fangrat strain was created long ago by the warpstone alchemists of Clan Moulder. Loosed from the Under-Empire breeding pits the Fangrat's proceeded to rove far and wide across the mortal realms. Most packs died out over time, the victim of debilitating and unconstrained mutations. Others failed to adapt to their new environments or were killed by the greater predators of the lands they invaded.

Only in the contested border realms, those caught between order and chaos, did the Fangrat prevail: skulking and nesting in the twisted forests and rotten caverns when not predating on the unwary in the towns and settlements caught on the verge of Chaos.

As the kingdom of Sabnok Fur'fur (the Rat Duke) expands from his Gutter Fort, packs of wild Fangrats have been tamed,as best possible, to act as mounts for his outrider scouts

Conversion parts

  • Rider - Island of Blood Skaven Clanrat, clipped in half at the waist
  • Fangrat - Chaos Hound kit

Conversion process

  • The rider was positioned in place with a blob of sculpting putty used as his seat (bum), then it was a simple case of sculpting the riders feet, legs, tunic and tail over the course of a few sittings.
  • For the Fangrat, the face was sculpted over the existing form of the Chaos Hound, the mane was bulked up slightly in places and the tail was simply putty over some wire (drilled and affixed to the Chaos Hounds tail bone.
  • Fur was added liberally and used to join some gaps between the rider and the hound.

I think the main inspiration for these was the Wargs from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Rats riding giant rats seemed a bit too obvious a direction to take, so the Fangrat face, mane and tail are hints at a leonine catlike genus - Rats riding Cats was a good twisted direction I decided to take.



  1. These guys look great - and the idea of rats riding cats is a good amusing direction to take with them too :D

    The animated skaven really suit these fast charging mounts too

    1. Thanks! I'm itching to get painting them, perhaps a hyena like colour scheme...

    2. These are really cool and extremely skilled would you ever be interesting in making more of the outriders for commission?

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